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How do I find suitable Wheels for my vehicle??

Various factors have to be considered.
Some brake contours (especially large brake discs / calipers at the front) do not always allow any wheel design / construction - with larger rim diameter, other offset (or spacer) can often solve this.For smaller vehicle hubs, vehicle-specific hub adapters are included.

Changeable to the original production rim are almost always:  

  • Rim diameter (bigger than smallest original wheel / winter wheel) * 
  • Width (wider than narrowest original wheel / winter wheel) */** 
  • Press-in depth (both sides ± 1% different from gauge, approx. ± 16mm, with DTC certificate more) **

* provided available tire size with matching rolling circumference (in the tolerance of the legal guidelines), speed and load index
** provided clearance in the wheel arch, minimum distance to chassis components and brake, enough covered tire profile.

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