SABELT – Harnesses (race belts), Sports and Race Seats, Race & Sportswear 


SABELT – Sports and Race Seats
From the world of motorsport, we have developed a range of premium sports seats for the best car makers in the world. Each OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) product is designed and created exclusively by SABELT in collaboration with external design studios and our clients, the car makers. Our seats are a great example: specifically designed to increase ergonomics and comfort on the road, with their innovative technology (carbon fiber and fiberglass materials) are SABELT signature products, which has started for racing cars and today is also acclaimed for super cars on the road and is proof of our primary activity of excellence.

Main partners are: Ferrari for the following car models 488 GTB, F12 Berlinetta, F12 TDF, as well as in the past California, Fiorano GTO, 458 Italia, 458 Speciale Coupe and Spider versions; followed by McLaren with monocoque and modular seats equipped with on-board electrical box; Abarth, Dodge Viper, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar and Renault with the R26 R.

SABELT – Race Seats
Developpés à l’aide de pilotes et ecuries au top de leur classe, tous les modèles sont predispososés avec 5 passage de ceinture et compatibles aux systèmes HANS. Homologués FIA.

SABELT – Harnesses (race belts)
Apprecié depuis 30 ans par les pilotes professionels et privés. Utilisés regulièrement au DTM, WRC et Fomule 1. Toutes les harnais FIA sont compatibles avec HANS. 

SABELT – Race Wear: Suits, Shoes & Gloves
The line of suits, shoes and gloves of SABELT is one of the most renowned in the market for customization and exclusivity of EVERY product. We are able to deliver tailor made products for drivers and their teams.The Key Elements to ensure comfort to drivers are Super Lightweight textiles and Breathability. Our top range of race suits features lightweight sandwich construction, ultra-flat seam construction, customization of embroidery and prints, preformed legs and arms for greater performance. Shoes and gloves are available in multiple sizes and combination of colours. Our primary objective is quality! 100% made in Italy!


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