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front/rear design more colors winter fit

Silver (S) *
Matt Black (MB) *
Shiny Black (SB) * / **
Gold (G) *
Anthracite (A) *

8.5x19 5x100-120 520.–
9.0x21 112/114.3/115/120/130 780.–
9.5x21 112/114.3/120 790.–
11.0x21 112/114.3/120/130 810.–

black wheel bolts/nuts on request

Options Z
Rim polished  + 45.–
Rim and face polished  + 45.–
Full face polished  + 45.–
Gloss colors on request

Front and rear axles can be combined with two versions of spoke shapes (and widths)

* also for winter useZ Options without discount 

incl. fastening material and swiss approval

For more information please close the window! Product finder and automotive applications, examples of wheels mounted on vehicles (pictures or videos). Or contact us!